I’m a dad, singer, songwriter, guitar teacher, graduate student, pedagog, ex-computer programmer, and social theorist.

Among the things that interest me is the human mind. I’m fascinated by the psychological effect music can have on us. I’m interested in group mentality vs. individuality. I’m somewhat obsessed by sociology and the way corporations seem to be able to guide social norms.

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6 responses to “Me

    • FINALLY…. someone who starts talking to people with theory. Nice, I like it’s in “G”, keep on keeping on!
      What’dya think of sociology now?

  1. I bought a poster on Redbubble (Guitar chords) and maybe I’m wrong but the G Major7 chord on that poster is wrong.
    The notes in a G Major7 are: G – B – D – F#. On the poster the shape starts on the 3rd fret but if that same shape on the poster starts on the 2nd fret then it’s good.
    I also contacted you via Redbubble but I didn’t get a reply.

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